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Lowburn Ferry Vineyard

Lowburn Ferry Vineyard is nestled on a sheltered north facing terrace in the Lowburn Valley beneath the Pisa Range in Central Otago.

Planting of Lowburn Ferry Vineyard began in 2000, on terraces that had been in pasture for more than 100 years. This had allowed organic matter to build up in the soils, complementing the natural supply of nutrients derived from schist parent material. The resulting healthy soils have excellent biological activity which enhances the terroir of the site.

Currently 3.5ha of the 35ha property are planted in Pinot Noir grapes - in roughly an equal mix of clones 5, 115, 667 and 777, and a smaller new block of Abel - with approximately 75% of the vineyard on a variety of rootstocks. The vineyard is managed for low cropping yields, and a minimum spray regime is maintained. The remaining land is farmed with Merino sheep.

Lowburn Ferry vineyard is located on part of what was once known as the Partridge Farm - one of the earliest farms settled in the Lowburn Valley

Initially just an acre was purchased by George Partridge in 1867 - a goldminer who had come from Australia to work in the goldfields at Quartz Reef Point - having travelled inland by the Dunstan Trail over the mountains from Dunedin on foot, carrying his swag.

The Partridge family were well known and respected in the district, and later a further 100 acres was added to the farm. A cluster of stone buildings was built - stables, a dairy, coach house, chaff house and a stone cow shed.

When we bought the farm in 1991 one of its prime attractions to us was the stone buildings - and we converted the stone stable our home. Our interest in the early history of the valley is reflected in our vineyard name - Lowburn Ferry - being the historic name of the Lowburn settlement.

Lowburn Ferry Vineyard, Strathburn Farm, 5 Swann Road, RD2, Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand
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